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Dwelling Resources is truly a full-service architecture and construction solution provider.  From conceptual sketches through working drawings, from permit approval all the way through construction we can provide a cost effective and timely solution to your remodel or home construction needs, and do it in a sustainable fashion.


First and foremost we listen to you.  You are the most important part of the design process.  From your desires we work to develop a solution that you will be delighted with, one that meets your needs as well as your budget.

Dwelling Resources delivers solutions to homeowners, contractors and other design professionals for both new construction and remodeling.  Our designs are a coordinated effort, a holistic approach that considers your environment, recent building technology, green construction methods and products, space planning and building aesthetics.  Our hands-on experience in construction and building approval processes are an essential part of our approach and can help avoid costly delays and re-design work.

From the simplest drafts to the most technically challenging geometric designs, our state-of-the-art CAD program allows us to quickly produce 2D and 3D drawings.  This gives you the opportunity to experience your project at any point throughout the design process and make changes easily and affordably.


Our experience in the permitting and approval process allows us to avoid unnecessary delays and helps streamline this process.

Do you already have a design or sketch that you want built, but need clear drawings and a professional stamp to get it approved by the building department? Let us review your project, and help you refine your plans to meet today’s building code requirements. We provide any drafting required for planning and building department submittals.

Are you intimidated by the planning and building permit process, or just don’t have the time to deal with those bureaucracies? We are happy to take any plans we draft down to the local building and planning offices to help expedite the permit approval process.

As our clients have said, “Running the gauntlet at the Sonoma County Permit & Resource Management Department was challenging and immensely frustrating.  Dwelling Resources was instrumental in streamlining the process and we were able to avoid considerable costs with their help.”


If you are already working with a contractor or you are the contractor, we have the experience to understand builders’ concerns and take them into consideration from the beginning of the design process through the end of construction.

Designing and drafting the drawings is only the beginning of the realization of your dream home or remodel. Key to making sure your dream becomes a reality is construction oversight. That’s where 20 years of being in the trade makes Dwelling Resources especially valuable. All too often decisions made in the field by corner-cutting contractors or cost-conscious clients lead to disappointing results. By having Dwelling Resources monitor construction and advise the client, costly mistakes can be avoided, and satisfactory material substitutions and value engineered design modifications can keep the project beautiful and within budget. We’ve been doing this for years, and the only unsatisfied clients are the ones who “do it themselves”. Let us help you save money!

Please note this service is limited to designs created by Dwelling Resources.


For the Homeowner:

•  Construction estimates

•  Material specifications

•  Construction quality monitoring

•  Construction change order review

•  Budget monitoring

•  Help resolve disputes

For the Contractor:

•  Construction consulting

•  Draft shop drawings

•  Acquire/review submittals

•  Approve material substitutions

•  Help resolve disputes


This is what makes Dwelling Resources particularly unique among architecture and construction firms. It’s a value added service. Our experience building custom homes and remodels has brought us a wealth of resources for the acquiring or manufacturing of fixtures and fittings, custom fabrications, and any part of the home that you can’t buy from your local home improvement center. We buy at wholesale or professional discounts and pass the savings on to you. Do you need something made? We have someone who can do that!


Whether you are a homeowner who is looking to makeover their kitchen or build their dream home, Dwelling Resources can not only work with you to create the design, but can build it too, at a cost competitive with other quality builders. This is our biggest advantage over other architects and builders. By having Dwelling Resources build your dream, you get on-the-fly design changes and construction troubleshooting at no additional cost, and the project will be built to specification and within budget. No low quality material substitutions, no complaining about details, no misunderstanding the work.

Our twenty years of experience building high end homes and remodels has instilled an imperative for quality construction, but the same experience building within modest budgets has taught us how to find cost-saving measures without comprising the design. Let us show you how!