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Healdsburg Retreat

This project was a collaboration between Dwelling Resources and the client, who wanted to transform a mundane granny unit converted from a detached garage into an appealing weekend retreat. A master bedroom addition was added one story in the air, cantilevered over one side of the existing structure, creating an outside room off the living room below. Modern in design, the structure gives homage to the rural vernacular materials of the area, with board and batten siding common on barns, and corrugated metal often seen on winery buildings in the Wine Country setting of this project.
Dwelling Resources also collaborated with the client on the exterior improvements to the existing main house on the property, including designing the back deck, front terrace and arbors. The guard rails are built with 8x8 cedar posts and 2x2 or 3x3 steel mesh.

BEFORE                                AFTER


The existing granny unit is transformed into a weekend guesthouse, with a second story bedroom overlooking a stream and vineyards beyond.


The property frontage is transformed by regrading the front yard and enclosing it with an architectural fence and arbor. The upper half of the house is clad with corrugated metal to match the new guest house.


The existing deck is replaced with a much larger one designed for entertaining. The deck is built 8x8 cedar posts and 4x6 cedar railings. 3” welded wire mesh is used for the railing panels.