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Oakland Kitchen

The owner of this small California bungalow wanted to update her kitchen and make it as much of an entertaining kitchen as the floor plan would allow. The existing pantry room was removed and the wall between the dining room and kitchen was opened up to allow a connection to the rest of the house. Arches were added to complement arched openings in the rest of the house.

There wasn’t enough room to create a full sized island that the client desired, but an extra deep peninsula fulfilled all her needs, including an area for people to pull up a barstool to engage the cook while keeping out of her way. The old refrigerator alcove was transformed into a neatly organized pull out pantry system.


BEFORE                                AFTER


A view from the kitchen into the dining and living room beyond. Removing a wall and enlarging the opening produces dramatic results!


A built-in pantry replaces the refrigerator cubby, and the cooking island becomes the heart of the kitchen.


Walls separated the kitchen from the dining room and dinette. Removing walls freed up space to expand the kitchen as well as making a connection to the dining areas, which was important to the client.