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Ultimate Carport

This project was a collaboration between Dwelling Resources and the clients, who are architecture aficionados. They originally designed and built their home in the seventies after being inspired by the architecture at Sea Ranch in Sonoma county, California. Thirty years later they came to Dwelling Resources with an idea for a carport that would relate to the architecture of the house, but be unique and visually appealing.

Working with the clients we refined the original design, added an enclosed space to be used as a workshop, and set it in the restrictive confines of their hillside lot. The clients are also geology buffs, so we incorporated a number of features that relate to this interest including rammed earth walls and columns to reflect earth strata, and a tall wall of fossil stone at the rear of the carport.

Unfortunately budget concerns reduced the scope of the project, so rendered drawings are presented to show what might have been.

View of carport from driveway

The roofline and diagonal siding complement the architecture of the existing house while the mass of rammed earth columns give substance to the carport, exalting the roof yet anchoring the structure firmly to the ground.

Side view of carport looking toward workshop entrance

The rear of the carport structure has a workshop constructed of rammed earth walls tucked into one corner. Light is let into the workshop by a skylight that extends all the way across the roof, effectively cutting the structure in half.

View inside the carport looking toward the workshop

The ceiling is lifted and skylight installed to create an atrium feeling, with the added benefit of easily accessible storage above. A feature wall of slate inset with sea-life fossils greet the homeowners each time they arrive home.